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Rimmer Engineering’s Supercharged
Chrysler Neon Set To Debut

Look Under The Hood

 The long-awaited Rimmer Supercharging System (RSS) for the Neon is finally available.  Utilizing the reliable Eaton positive-displacement supercharger at the heart of the system, the power and torque of the engine take on the characteristics of a much larger powerplant.  The results are surprising, turning the nimble Neon into a hard-charger with enough power to run with the big dogs .

Neon performance enthusiasts will be pleased not only with their newfound power and responsiveness, but with the greatly improved driveability without any loss of practicality in daily use.  Fuel mileage too, may even be improved (depending on how successful the driver is in resisting the temptation to use all the horsepower on tap). Due to its positive-displacement compressor, boost builds right above idle and continues right to red-line. The torque curve gets a huge increase, swelling particularly in the mid-RPM range.

Easily installed in only a few hours time, the RSS does not require any internal engine modifications, or changes in the original equipment fuel injection or electronic controls. The Rimmer /Eaton system is initially available for the DOHC engine, with a version for the SOHC soon to follow.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

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