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While carrying out its current application research and development programs utilizing the Rotrex supercharger as a component of the company’s RSS (Rimmer Supercharging System) line, lead development technician Brandon Grantham realized that the RSS/Rotrex would be a natural for the Porsche 944. As an enthusiastic owner of both an eight-valve normally-aspirated 944 and a 944 Turbo, he knew that its Weissach-developed chassis, one of the best-handling platforms around, could really be made to shine with more power.

A prototype installation has proved the concept and verified its producibility. Now 944 owners can add substantial horsepower and torque without the complexity, heat and driveability problems associated with turbocharger installations. The RSS/Rotrex for 944 installs easily in a few hours without any necessity to go into the engine, its fuel-injection system or electronic controls.

The Rotrex supercharger operates quietly with virtually no maintenance required and provides the benefits of increased horsepower and torque on demand. Since the compressor is crankshaft-driven rather than by an exhaust turbine, there is no throttle lag, charge air temperature is lower, and exhaust backpressure is less.

After first tests of the completed installation, Grantham related his impressions of the supercharged 944: "The Porsche was rated at 150 bhp at sea level when new. This particular car has 90,000 miles on the clock but is in good mechanical condition. I was able to register some high 160's and low 170's on the G-Tech Performance meter," (accomplished while testing at 6,200 feet above sea level, an altitude that results in a power loss of over 20% compared to sea level output. This translates to roughly 210-212 horsepower at sea level, an approximate 40% increase). The boost characteristics of the Rotrex centrifugal compressor are, not surprisingly, "very much like a turbo with 5.6 psi at 3500 RPM, building to a max of 9 to 10 psi at redline. It has transformed the car."

Further refinements of fuel delivery and other installation factors hold promise for improvement of these already impressive results. The 944's remarkable handling prowess, GT comfort and capability, and its very affordable price in the marketplace, when combined with the power and torque easily added with the Rimmer/Rotrex supercharging system produce a surprisingly competent vehicle, a real winner.

Rimmer Engineering is set to enter limited production of their Porsche 944 supercharging systems within four to six weeks. Volume production decisions will depend on market demand.

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