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Rover Remanufacturing

Remanufactured Rover Engines & Transfer Boxes

When the time comes to refresh and renew your trusty Land Rover’s major mechanical components, you need expert assistance. You have a substantial investment in your vehicle, one that it does not pay to risk by taking a chance on mere repair or substandard replacement of its vital powertrain elements.

Rimmer Engineering’s RoverRenewal division is the answer.

Why trust your valuable vehicle’s engine and transfer gearbox major overhaul to anyone other than Rimmer Engineering? We offer North America’s only dedicated facility and technical staff specializing in the complete remanufacturing of Rover aluminum V8 engines and 4-wheel drive transfer gearboxes. We don’t do Chevys, Fords, or International Harvesters ... only, exclusively, Rover.

Because it’s our specialty, we are fully equipped, trained, and carefully calibrated for a thorough and complete remanufacture process, with the important benefit of daily experience in exactly the combination of skills and procedures involved in renewing your Rover’s engine and transfer gearbox. We know what’s necessary and we do it right. Our remanufactured products are covered by a 12-month or 12,000 mile limited warranty, which can be upgraded to 36-month or 36,000 mile coverage.

In addition to knowing your Rover’s components are remanufactured to high standards by experienced specialist technicians, Rimmer Engineering’s RoverRenewal exchange program minimizes the time your vehicle is out of service. By making available complete, ready-to-install assemblies, your Rover can be back on the road or trail in only the time it takes to remove and replace the units, rather than sitting idle while waiting for machine shop and reassembly services to be finished.

Our upgrade program also presents an opportunity to gain the many benefits of a larger engine. When you order a remanufactured powerplant from Rimmer Engineering, you can elect to upgrade to the power and performance of a Rover engine with increased displacement, even all the way up to Rimmer Engineering’s potent 5.0 liter version.

Our RoverRenewal program provides complete remanufactured major unit assemblies built to a quality standard consistent with that of your original vehicle. These quality components can breathe new life into a tired Rover, and do so without excessive downtime, at a known price, and with the continuing assurance of warranty coverage. Products can be shipped directly to the installer for maximum convenience.


Transfer Boxes

Remanufactured  Rover Engines

3.5 liter
3.5 upgrade
to 3.9
3.9 liter
4.2 liter
4.0 liter
4.6 liter
5.0 liter
$3,995 +     $500 core charge

$4,745 +     $500 core charge
$4,295 +     $500 core charge
$4,795 +     $500 core charge
$5,995 +     $500 core charge
$5,995 +     $500 core charge

$5,995 +     $500 core charge


Prices are “exchange”

Shipping is F.O.B. Colorado Springs, CO. Shipping, handling, insurance will be added to invoice.

Core charge will be refunded with usable core.

Long Blocks include cylinder heads with triple  angle valve job, all timing components (timing gears, chains, etc.), front cover and  water pump.

12 month/12,000 mile limited warranty included in above prices, warranty may be upgraded for $995 to 36 month/36,000 miles.

  Remanufactured Rover Transfer Boxes

Transfer Case
Core Charge
$  300


Prices are “exchange”

Shipping is F.O.B. Colorado Springs, shipping, handling, insurance will be added to invoice.

Core charge will be refunded with usable core.

12 month/12,000 mile limited warranty