Rimmer Supercharging System


Two Supercharging Systems Available for Subaru 2.2 liter and 2.5 liter Vehicles

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Traditional Top Mount



Top Mount - under the hood

Top Mount - under the hood

Top Mount - under the hood Sidewinder! under the hood

Sidewinder! under the hood

Sidewinder! under the hood

Developed by Rimmer Engineering specifically for the Subaru application, these supercharger packages are also unique in their approach to "real world" performance.   Rather than aim for the highest peak horsepower numbers at elevated engine speeds, the emphasis is on practical and useable power increases throughout the engine’s operating range. The Supercharging Systems, as configured in these kits, both provide full boost pressure from just above idle all the way to peak rpm. The result is a "fat" torque curve which greatly improves driveability and allows the driver to experience the benefits of startling performance improvements in everyday use of his vehicle. Unlike a turbocharger, Rimmer Supercharging Systems have no "lag" effect; power is immediately available upon demand.  At the same time, this enhanced performance does not extract any penalties in the smoothness, quietness and practicality of operation of the Subaru. The effect when you step on the throttle is as if a much larger-displacement engine has been miraculously transplanted into the vehicle.

Top Mount --

At the heart of the comprehensive installation package is the provenimpreza.jpg (16896 bytes) Eaton supercharger, an OEM-quality component used as original equipment on models of Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Ford, Mercury, Aston Martin, Mercedes and Jaguar.   The Eaton Supercharger is a positive-displacement, modified Roots-type twisted vane supercharger.  It is a vastly improved and modernized development of the famous traditional GMC blowers used originally on diesel engines and, more visibly, on blown fuel dragsters.   One of the unique features of the Eaton supercharger is its long, maintenance-free service life. Units typically run 100,000 miles or more without need for attention.


Side Mount --

The company’s original top-mount supercharging system requires a clearance openinglegacy.jpg (11972 bytes) for the drive pulley to be cut into the hood of most Subarus; the hole is then covered with a supplied aerodynamic carbon-fiber fairing.  The Forester, having a taller hoodline, utilizes the top-mount RSS without any need for the clearance opening. The top mount Subaru RSS with hood fairing will also continue to be available.

Performance characteristics of the two types of systems are virtually identical. Both use the same dependable Eaton positive-displacement compressor as the primary component, and neither require any internal engine work or modifications to the original factory electronic engine controls or fuel-injection.

The RSS/Eaton Sidewinder requires that the factory air cleaner assembly be replaced with a supplied high-flow/high-efficiency cone style filter. Because of increased component costs, the side-mount system is priced slightly higher than the top-mount, but since no clearance opening is required the system becomes a true bolt-on installation and the labor associated with the hood modifications is eliminated.

Horsepower and torque increases with Rimmer Supercharging Systems are typically 30-40%.

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